Janet Lo

Assistant Professor

(852) 3411 5837

Dr. Lo has published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, and received top research paper awards in international conferences. She has rich experience in journalism and worked as an editor and reporter for various media organisations and publishing organisations. She obtained her PhD from Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests include journalism, cultural studies, critical studies in mass communication and new media.

Classes Taught

News editing
Journalism and communication theory
New media and online communication

Research & Teaching Interests

Cultural studies
New media

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
  • Lo, W.H. & Cheng, B.K.L. (Forthcoming). Melodramatic animation in crime news and news information learning. Journalism.
  • Lo, W. H. (2018). Marketing images of marriage rituals: A cross-cultural analysis of wedding magazine advertising. Journal of International consumer marketing. Paper is available at
  • Lo, W. H. (2016). Citizen camera-witnessing: A case study of the Umbrella Movement, Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal (CCPS) on Hong Kong democracy and Umbrella Movement, 2(2), 795-815.
  • Lo, W. H. (2016). Traditional opera and young people: Cantonese opera as personal development. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth. Paper is available at
  • Lo, W.H. & Cheng, B.K.L. (2015). The use of melodramatic animation in news, presence and news credibility: A path model. Journalism Studies. DOI:10.1080/1461670X.2015.1087814. (SSCI)
  • Cheng, B.K.L, & Lo, W.H. (2015). The effects of melodramatic animation in crime-related news. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. 92(3), 559-579.
  • Lo, W. H., (2015). The music culture of older adults in Cantonese operatic singing lessons, Ageing & Society, 35(8), 1614-1634.
  • Cao Bolin, Chen Zhiqun, Huang Yingjie, Lo Wai Han (2014). Conflicts between Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong People: A Social Identity Perspective in explaining Hostile Media Effect and Third-Person Effect, Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, 3(2), 225-240. (The authors are listed in alphabetical order)
  • Lo, W.H., & Cheng, B.K.L (2013). Fueling the debate: Predictive relationships among personality characteristics, motives and effects of animated news viewing, Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, 2(1), 135-160.
  • Cheng, B.K.L, & Lo, W.H. (2012). Can news be imaginative? An experiment testing the perceived credibility of melodramatic animated news, news organizations, media use, and media dependency, Electronic News, 6(3), 131-150.
Book Chapter
  • Lo, W. H. & Cheng, B. K. L. (Forthcoming). Feel real, feel credible: Animated news and credibility. In Huang Yu (Ed), The Evolving Landscape of Media and communication in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong’s Press.
  • Cheng, B.K.L, & Lo, W.H. (2018). The use of melodramatic animation in news and news appreciation among older children in Hong Kong. In Zhang, K., Chan, K., Lee, Y. L. Alice. (Eds.). Multidisciplinary Approach to Media Literacy. Communication University of China Press, p. 2-13.
  • 盧惠嫻 (2016)。「後九七的本土意識想像」。收錄於鄭宇碩編,《探討本土主義》。香港:香港城市大學出版社 。
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Conference Papers
  • Lo, W. H., Cheung, M. F. & Lam, S. Y. (2018). Who has a say in political election? Framing in the era of big data. Paper has been accepted by Journalism studies division at ICA conference, Prague. (Top Faculty Paper Award)