Frequently Asked Questions

Today’s journalists need a variety of skills, including knowing how to create text, video, audio, graphics, data visualisations and motion graphics and how to publish it to websites, social media and print. All of our programmes will help you learn each of these skills.
No. Our International Journalism programme is 100 percent in English and we often accept non-Chinese speaking students.
You can apply to go on exchange in year two, three or four. Please check with the International Office to find out about application deadlines.
Yes! Media internships are required and you will do yours in the summer after year three.
We accept direct entry (non-JUPAS) student applications every year. Please go to the Academic Registry to find out more.
Yes. Many of our students pursue higher degrees both in Hong Kong and abroad after graduation. These students usually choose to write a thesis for their graduation project.
Yes. Many of our students go directly into journalism jobs in English and Chinese media after graduation. These students usually choose to do a journalism project for their graduation project.
Although most of our courses prepare you to be a working journalist or a communications scholar, studying journalism can be useful for a variety of other fields that involve communication, critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving.
Yes, many journalism students choose to minor in something. Here is a list of all the possible minors.