Faculty Research & Projects

Recent projects from our journalism faculty

User Experience and Online News

This project aims to study the psychology of human-computer interaction, and investigate how user experience design impacts news reception and policy attitude.

Dr. Stephanie Jean Tsang

Political Disagreement on Social Media

This research attempts to reveal the dark side of social media, i.e., how political disagreement on social media leads to expression avoidance, thereby triggers political polarization and intolerance in the context of HK.

Dr. Xinzhi Zhang

Digital Poverty and Social Media Uses

Poverty is a complex problem, and it is closely linked to social disadvantage and inequality. This study investigates digital poverty in the social media era, its types and levels, and the underlying socio-economic factors.

Dr. Nick Zhang

Net Generation and Social Participation in Hong Kong

This study examines the Net Generation’s social participation from the perspective of their generational characteristics in the Hong Kong’s post-handover period.

Prof. Alice Lee

Microblogging the Food Safety

This study aims to offer a description of online Weibo and Twitter users and their activities related to food safety discussion and to provide insights into the design of social media tools and health campaigns.

Dr. Celine Song

Hong Kong News-Expo

Using interactive, multimedia and virtual reality technologies, the news-expo will tell the story of Hong Kong’s evolution from a fishing village to an international metropolis and financial centre through news reports by the city’s print and electronic media.

CK Lau

Teaching Investigative Journalism

New courses on investigative journalism and investigative documentary will be developed along with an investigative journalism workshop for students in collaboration with local media.

Jenny Lam

The Irrational Basis of Media Credibility Perceptions

Despite expectations that higher credibility leads to a better informed public, evidence shows that audience members do not always base their judgment of media performance on rational reasoning.

Prof. Steve Guo

Institute For Journalism & Society

The Institute for Journalism and Society aims to provide a dynamic and synergetic platform to integrate knowledge production, professional training, industry outreach and social participation in the field of journalism.