Prof. Steve Guo  
郭中實 教授
Professor 教授
Director of MA in Communication 傳理學碩士課程主任
(852) 3411-5179
Prof. Guo received his BA in English and English literature from Beijing Foreign Studies University. He worked as a journalist at China Daily for seven years before obtaining his Master’s and PhD degree in political communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research interest focuses on news production and its social impact. He came to teach at Baptist in 1996.
Classes taught
  • News Translation
  • News Writing in English/Chinese
  • Opinion Writing
  • Feature Writing
  • China Reporting
  • Mass/Communication Theory
  • Communication and Public Opinion
  • Research methods
  • Foundation in communication studies

Selected Publications
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Professional Publications
  • Construction of distance: A comparison of local vs. non-local news coverage in Hong Kong press, with Huang, Y., To, Y.,. & Chan, F.. In Shan, B., Shi, Y., & Liu, X. (Eds.) The Intercultural Turn of Journalism and Communication (pp. 171-190)(2011).
  • Hybridized Discourse: Social Openness and Functions of English Media in Post-Mao China, with Huang, Y.
    CSA Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
  • Changes for Media Management, with Li, Y. Ming Pao Periodical. (April 2006). Vol. 349. Cover Story.
  • Whodunit: Magazine, Mayhem and Mass Mentality,The Young Reporter, December 2002.
  • Where Soul Resides (translation) (2001). Beijing: China Workers’ Publishing House.
  • Misleading Messages in Movies (2001)
  • Media Blurring Line, China Daily. Dec. 21, 2000 p.6.
  • Small Things That Count Big, China Daily. Aug. 31, 2000, p.6.
  • The Fall from Grace of Precision Journalism, China Daily. Aug. 17, 2000, p. 6.
  • Young China: Time Magazine Special Edition (Translation, entire issue). Oct. 23 2000.
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  • Keeping differences while pursuing commonality: One step closer to Hong Kong’s return to China, Ming Pao, with Zhu J. & Chen, H. July 7, 1997 issue, p. c6.
Selected grants
  • Co-investigator with SHEN Fei
    Project title: Trust in media revisited: a rational-emotional model
    Project no.:11602915 Amount funded: HK$574,500
  • Co-investigator with JIN Jianbin, ZHANG Rongxian, SHENG Yina
    Tsinghua University Hong Kong & Macau Research Project
    Project title: Research on Hong Kong & Macau Media Ecology
    Project code: 100100006
    Project period: One year
    Amount funded: RMB¥120,000
  • Principal investigator with Huang, Y. & Shen F.
    Project title: Press Performance in Hong Kong: A Model of Analysis
    Project number: 244212
    Project period: Two years
    Amount funded: $464,536
  • Co-investigator with Li, X.
    University of Macau
    Multi-Year Research Grant (Ref. no.: MYRC063)
    Project Title: Press Performance and Reader Perception in Macau and Guangzhou: A Public Interest Model
    Amount funded: MOP$200,000
  • Principal investigator with Huang Y., & Shen F.
    Hong Kong Baptist University
    Faculty Research Grant (Ref. no.: FRG2/10-11/076)
    Press Performance and Reader Perception in Hong Kong: A Public Interest Model
    Amount funded: HK$99,200
Editorial board
  • Associate Editor Asian Journal of Communication
  • Associate Editor Studies on Teaching & Learning