Prof. Cherian George
Director of Centre for Media and Communication Research
(852) 3411-7834
Prof. George’s professional life has been devoted to journalism practice, education, research and advocacy. A native of Singapore, he worked as a journalist for the Straits Times, including three years as its art and photo editor, before moving to academia. His academic research has centred on freedom of expression. He edits the scholarly journal, Media Asia. His civic involvements include founding What’s Up, a monthly current affairs newspaper for Singapore schoolchildren, published since 2003. Prof. George received his Ph.D. in Communication from Stanford University. He has a Masters from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and a B.A. in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University.
Classes taught
  • Comparative and International News (Masters)
  • Communication Theories & Research (PhD)
  • Advanced Journalism: News, feature and opinion writing
Research & Teaching Interests
Prof. George is broadly interested in the relationship between communication and state power. His work has looked at how media freedom is restricted in semi-democratic states; the role of alternative media in democratising journalism; and the threats to free speech posed by intolerant publics.

Current research projects
  • Prof. George is currently working on a five-country study examining ethical best practices of leading news organisations in Asia, supported by a General Research Fund grant from the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong.
Honours & Awards
  • Prof. George’s 2012 book, Freedom From The Press: Journalism and State Power in Singapore, won an award for excellence at the Asian Publishing Convention.
More Information
  • For more information about Prof. George’s work, please visit his website.