Dr. Song Jing  
宋晶 博士
Research Assistant Professor  
(852) 3411-8155
Dr. Song obtained her doctoral degree from the City University of Hong Kong and Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from Renmin University of China. She also worked with several English media organizations including Thomson Reuters and Haymarket.
Classes taught
  • International Business and Financial Reporting
  • Business News Writing and Reporting
Research Areas
  • International Communication
  • Comparative Studies
  • News Making & Production
  • Digital Media

Selected publications
  • Jing Song (2009) “Media Representation on Social Conflicts: Comparing Chinese and Indian media in the globalization context,” Chinese Journal of Journalism & Communication (CJJC), August: – . (In Chinese: 《全球化语境下中印媒体对社会冲突的再现之比较》, 《国际新闻界》, 2009年8月)
Conference Papers
  • Jing Song, Historical Continuity and Discontinuity: How Chinese and Indian media construct history in globalization discourse, ICA, June 2010
  • Jing Song, Globalization in the eyes of the People’s Daily, ICA, May 2008
Experience with Professional Communities
  • Greater China Reporter, FinanceAsia, Hong Kong (2013-2015)
  • Reporter, IFR, Thomson Reuters, Hong Kong (2010-2013)
  • Freelancer or part-time reporter (2007-2010) for the Global Times, Caijing Magazine, Xinhua News Agency