Broadcast Studio

The Broadcast News studio is used for producing radio and television newscasts for broadcast related coursework and the Broadcast News Network, a station run by broadcast journalism students.

The TV studio includes three studio cameras with teleprompters and a live set. The radio studio has full broadcast capabilities. Radio and TV editing machines are installed in the editing rooms and students can do their editing assignments there under the supervision of technicians. Both linear and non-linear editing sets are available.


The department has a number of HD cameras, DSLR cameras, voice recorders, microphones and other equipment available for student use throughout the academic year. To book equipment, please go here.

Computer Labs

Each of the department's two computer labs has more than 30 iMacs, modified to provide extra capacity needed for large graphics and Chinese typography. All are equipped with full Adobe Creative Suite and other software needed for coursework and student media. Many of the professional journalism classes are taught in the labs.

The computer labs are surrounded by the offices of the student newspapers, which also have computers for editing work.

Printing Lab

The printing laboratory meets the needs of the student magazines (San Po Yan, The Young Reporter, and The Young Financial post) and other printing and publishing activities of the School of Communication.

The laboratory houses a Heidelberg MO offset press and a Polar 92 EM guillotine.

The Printing Laboratory is not available for individual use. Students and faculty with printing requirements should consult the Printing Technician, Mr. Leung Wai-Hung.

iMedia Lab

The iMedia Lab allows journalism students to produce professional webcasts both in the studio and on location for their classes, projects and student media. It works in conjunction with our television studio to give students a realistic experience in broadcast journalism.

Student Newsroom

Journalism students have a dedicated newsroom for the headquarters of their student media equipped with state-of-the art technology and a meeting room.